Marks & Spencer: Mastering TikTok

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Marks & Spencer partnered with Simply Social to launch and activate their TikTok.

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We initiated a collaboration with Marks & Spencer to launch their TikTok. We are currently engaging in ongoing monthly content creation and providing consistent support throughout the year, we contributed across various facets, including content creation, and social strategy.


Our primary objectives revolved around elevating the visibility of Marks & Spencer as a brand through social. Through a comprehensive and always-on approach to content creation, backed by a stellar paid media strategy we aimed to maintain a dynamic and engaging online presence, ensuring that the brand remained top-of-mind for their target audience.


Food & Drink: We worked closely with the client to develop visually stunning recipe content shot in our studio weekly. Each recipe was meticulously crafted to not only to look visually premium but for consumers to follow and develop on their own accord . From mouthwatering desserts to savory main courses, our team infused storytelling elements into each recipe, sharing behind-the-scenes insights and cultural inspirations. Lifestyle & Clothing: In collaboration with M&S, we curated lifestyle content that seamlessly integrated fashion, home decor, and culinary experiences. By showcasing stylish kitchenware, tablescapes for special occasions, and even incorporating fashion elements into cooking segments, we created a relatable and aspirational narrative that resonated with audiences on a deeper level. Homeware: Our team highlighted innovative homeware products that enhanced the cooking and dining experience. Through product reviews and demonstration we showcased high-quality products that aligned with the brand's values of craftsmanship and sustainability, further establishing their authority in the culinary and lifestyle space as a premium brand



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