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Revive Active enlisted our services to spearhead their expansion into the UK market as well as build their current position in Ireland. Our mandate encompassed the development of a robust paid media strategy to drive internal growth, coupled with the task of crafting distinctive and compelling creative assets to establish a unique brand presence in the market. We carried out our creative strategy in close collaboration with the team at Revive Active. This included a series of bespoke creative workshops and working with the brand’s in-house team.


The primary objective was to facilitate Revive Active's successful expansion into the UK market. This involved two key focus areas: first, the development and implementation of an effective paid media strategy to drive internal growth and market penetration. Second, the creation of a distinctive and compelling creative strategy aimed at establishing a unique and resonant brand identity in the UK market. The overarching goal was to position Revive Active strategically, ensuring a strong market presence and sustained growth in the new territory.


The strategy for Revive Active's expansion into the UK market was twofold. Firstly, we developed a targeted paid media strategy focused on internal growth. This involved meticulous planning and execution of advertising campaigns, leveraging data-driven insights to optimise audience targeting, ad placements, and budget allocation. The aim was to maximise visibility and drive conversions to establish a strong foothold in the UK market. Simultaneously, our team crafted a distinctive creative strategy aimed at setting Revive Active apart in the competitive landscape. This involved a thorough analysis of market trends, consumer preferences, and the competitive landscape. From there, we conceptualised and implemented a creative approach that not only aligned with the brand's values but also resonated with the target audience in the UK. This creative strategy encompassed various channels ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand message. By integrating a robust paid media strategy with a compelling and unique creative approach, our overarching goal was to not only drive short-term growth but also to establish a lasting and memorable brand presence for Revive Active in the UK market. This combination aimed at creating a strong foundation for sustained success and market expansion.



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